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Great that you want to know more about us. I am Emily, owner & designer at Bling Your Horse. I started Bling Your Horse together with Emiel. Emiel and I have been together for nine years, I got him as a black and white grey horse when he was only a few days old. Emiel has gotten a lot whiter over time, but he’s still the same Emiel that I got to know back then.


Emiel is a D-pony, I’ve broken him in and trained him myself and after 6 years we started participating in dressage competitions. During those competitions I wanted Emiel to steal the show with a sparkling browband of course. Unfortunately these products are very expensive and that’s when I started making them myself. After loads of positive responses, I finally decided to make multiple designs and eventually sell them for a fair price.



I will quickly introduce myself as well: I am Madeleine and I work at Bling Your Horse alongside Emily and Emiel. I’ve known Emily for years, in fact, she is my sister. I do not design de products, but I take care of the graphic design of this webshop and our social media pages.


I’m not a horse expert, but I did grow up with my sister’s horses. And my oldest daughter is a real horse girl too!

Hihihi, brrr


I am Emiel, the fashion model for Bling Your Horse. I was born as a black and white grey horse, but now I’m a real tough white horse. I love sheeny jewelry and shiny fur. I take daily mud baths to nurture my fur well.


Together with Emily I’m participating in dressage competitions as D-pony among the big horses. But I don’t let them bring me down and I’m at second level dressage now.

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Bling Your Horse zwart leren halster met bling stenen
Bling Your Horse Rainbow Red frontriem
Bling Your Horse frontriemen en zadelsieraden
Bling Your Horse Special Frontriem
Bling Your Horse Glitter Frontriem
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